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Lake Life With Molley And Chad Podcast

Jul 21, 2022

Episode 17:  In this episode, Molley and Chad speak with Jim and Becky Norris about what got them started with lake life.  They also discuss the joy they get from watching friends and family enjoy the lake.  It’s a definite theme all of us love.  The episode was recorded in the lake house at Cumberland.

What started the Lake Life for Jim and Becky?

Jim begins by explaining how Becky and her friends introduced him to it at Rough River.  Just like Chad, he married into it.  Becky comments that her high school friend had a boat and they spent a lot of time on the water with Theresa and Gary.  They camped and learn a lot about boating from them. The four of them spent time at Rough River, Barron River Lake and Green River Lake

Jim got his first ski lesson at Rough River behind a Checkmate boat.  It was a powerful boat to use for skiing in the early 80’s.

What was the first boat they bought?

In 1986, they visited a boat show and bought a 19’ Bayliner with a V-8 for their wedding present.  They kept it for 18 years.  The boat is still in the family.  It’s had multiple owners, but it still ripping across the water.  Molley remembers how everyone had to sit upfront in that boat when someone was trying to slalom, so the boat would plane out faster. 

Later, they purchased a 1994, 24’ Sea Ray.  His son’s family still has that boat.  They wanted a longer boat for a smoother ride.  Today, Jim and Becky have a 2009 277 Islander

Have they always been weekend warriors?

Jim remembers how they’d head to Taylorsville Lake, after work on a Tuesday or during the week.  But most of the time, it was a weekend activity for both boating and camping. 

What are the names of the lakes they’ve visited?

Becky recalls they used to go to Center Hill Lake for camping and house boating.  In addition to Barren and Green, they’ve also been to Dale Hollow Lake, and Nolin Lake.  They want to visit Norris Lake.  Jim and his brother have fished on Kentucky Lake

Becky describes her unplanned trip down to rescue Jim, after one of his trips to Kentucky Lake.  Shout out to John Deere for pulling 2 trucks and a Bayliner that night!

What they’re favorite lake, so far?

Jim says his favorite is Lake Cumberland, followed by Center Hill and Green.  Becky agrees that Cumberland has her heart.  Her favorite spot is night boating at the dam.  Jim talks about when they had a house boat and would pull up to Low Gap Island and start a campfire on the beach.

What advice would they share with someone thinking about buying a boat? 

Jim starts by saying, “Pay Attention.”  There’s a lot to learn, so get to know your checklists.  Becky also says you can learn a lot by being a passenger.  Take advantage of the opportunity to try driving or other boating activities.

What’s their favorite memory or trip involving the lake?

Becky says they’ve been boating since 1986, so there are a lot of memories.  Returning from their cruise to join their friends at the lake is a special memory for her.  She also recounts seeing her daughter get up on skis for the first time.  She also remembers their son Bradley tubing.  Now, it’s about watching the grandkids developing a love of the water.

Jim says he can take you to the exact spot Leslie got up for the first time.  She was only 7 or 8 years old.  He also remembers the first time she was able to slalom.

Chad talks about how special it is to watch the kids conquering those challenges and the expressions on their faces when they finally do it.

Jim talks about the first-time Bradley got air while tubing.  Molley also talks about how her kids grew up differently, especially when it came to skiing.  Some of them take to it better than others.

Is there something they wished they’d known when they were just getting started?

Jim wishes he’d realized how important the time spent with friends would become.  Those are terrific memories, so take advantage of it while you can.  You have to make the best of each opportunity. 

Becky says to simply know that “S&%# Happens.”  In the beginning, there’s a lot of stress and anxiety.  It’s all okay.  Just be patient, breathe and enjoy it.

Who has which job at the boat ramp?

Becky says Jim drives the truck and trailer, while she handles unloading and trailering the boat.  It’s important to make sure each of you knows your specific job.  Jim had some experience backing trailers, so he naturally handled that part.  Becky mentions the people they were usually with had the same designations.

Molley talks about how she struggled on the Jamestown ramp with the pontoon, in the early days.

If they win the lottery, what kind of boat would they buy?

Becky says she wants to focus on comfort.  She’d like a longer boat with an open bow.  It’s not about speed for her.  She does like the 35’ Sea Ray model.  Jim is also about comfort.  Getting in and out of the boat is important.  He’s also looking for a smooth ride.  He likes the open bow boats. 

Molley, Chad, Jim and Becky agree that we’ve made things complicated.  It seemed simpler back in the day.  Lake Life is about hanging out with good friends and family.  Just focus on having a good time.

What is their least favorite thing about boating?

For Jim and Becky, it’s the ramp, followed by inconsiderate boaters (especially when you’re tied up).  Floating in a cove is a great way to relax, but when people forget about the wakes, it can ruin the moment. 

Molley comments that if a boater causes a wake in a no-wake zone, they are responsible for the damage that make result from the wake.  Chad agrees and talks about how he handles it.

Jim discusses how boaters should be more considerate.  Items can get washed off the deck of a smaller craft.  Again, pay attention if your boating near other boats.

Do you prefer boating as a couple or with a boat full of friends?

Jim enjoys sharing the moments with different groups of people, although the autumn is a great time to get out as a couple to simply enjoy the day.  Becky enjoys the companionship of having a group of people. 

Chad talks about how he and Molley really look forward to spending some time together, as a couple, on the water.  They love having friends down, but it’s nice to not have to worry about everyone else.  Molley explains how they used to have a lot of people down to the lake house.  Now, they try to reserve specific weekends for family-time or just couple-time.

Chad reminds everyone that not all of your friends will get along with all of your friends.  It’s important to put together the right group. 

The Camper Jim’s Handbook

Molley introduces how this was a part of how she grew up.  Jim says it’s a collection of tips and tricks.  One of the final thoughts in the handbook is to simply get a room or a lake house.  That was the result of a 4-day camping experience in the rain.    

We’d like to thank Jim and Becky Norris joining us for this episode.  They’ve been long-time, family friends and conversations with them always bring back some great memories.  Is that what Lake Life is really about? 

That’s a wrap for this episode.  We hope you found it helpful, insightful and maybe a little entertaining. 

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