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Lake Life With Molley And Chad Podcast

Jun 23, 2022

Episode 15:  In this episode, Molley and Chad talk with their friends Mandy and Travis.  These friends have “the dock life” figured out.  They are basically live on their boat full-time.  Today’s discussion will focus on what it’s like to practically live on a boat and some tips they can offer to people considering doing the same.

What Started the Dock Life for Mandy and Travis?

Mandy explains that they started coming to Lake Cumberland about 15 years ago.  She worked with a lady who had houseboat at State Dock.  After a weekend event, Mandy took Travis back and they began spending a lot of time there.  They eventually bought their first boat, a Chaparral.

Mandy and Travis were convinced that they wanted to buy a houseboat.  A few years ago, they decided to buy a cruiser Travis found for sale at the dock.  It took Travis a little time to convince Mandy to go this way, but the setup and amenities at their State Dock slip made the decision easier.

When Did They Start Boating?

Travis explains that his dad had a boat and he grew up boating on the river.  When he met Mandy, they started going to Nolin.  They quickly knew they liked the lake life.  Even after they bought their boat, they still continued staying with their friends on the houseboat.  Every Friday turned into a race to get back to the lake. 

In previous episodes, Molley and Chad recommended picking a job to do.  Travis chose to drive the truck and Mandy got used to launching the boat off the trailer.  Mandy quickly became very good at handling the launch and getting it back onto the trailer.

Molley recounts how her family had ski boats when she was growing up.  She and Chad bought a tri-toon, as their first boat.  Molley comments how difficult it was to get used to getting it back onto the trailer.  The first time she loaded it was a disaster.  Luckily, she got better with practice.

Mandy, Travis and their Cruiser

Their cruiser is a 34’ Sea Ray.  It’s sleeps 6 downstairs, with 2 more up top, if the canopy is up.  The dock is full of boats and boat owners.  It’s a second family.  They enjoy it when they can spend time by themselves, before the crowd returns for the weekend. 

Chad enjoys the early season because a lot of people aren’t coming down yet.  The water’s cold, but there’s less of a crowd.  It can be very relaxing.

Typically, Mandy and Travis are weekend warriors, when it comes to boating.  They tie up every Saturday, but they return to the dock at the end of the day or evening.  Mandy comments how the dock can be its own little city.

Why Did They Decide to Keep the Boat at Lake Cumberland?

For Mandy, it’s because the lake is so beautiful and full of new places to explore.  At the same time, the people down there have become like family.  It’s their happy place.

Travis really enjoys early mornings on the lake.  It’s such a big lake that there’s always something to do.  He mentions the night trips to the dam are always fun. 

Molley describes how they like to launch the boat later in the day, when the full moon is out.  It’s a different experience when the moon lights up the lake. 

Other Lakes Offer Different Experiences

Mandy lists a few of the other lakes they’ve visited including Nolin, Rough River, Lake of the Ozarks.  She mentions that Lake of the Ozarks isn’t really a tie-up place.  It’s more about the local bars.  They’ve also visited Kentucky Lake.  None of them felt like are “home.”

Pitfalls to the Dock Life

Molley asks Mandy and Travis about some of the downsides living on a houseboat or fully embracing the Dock Life.  What should people consider.

Travis jokingly comments that if you like to go to sleep early, consider which slip to buy because the people around the dock tend to be very social, especially on the weekends.  Chad talks about how some slips can be seriously customized for a good time. 

Mandy explains there is a curfew for the music.  However, if you’re not a people-person, the Dock Life may not be for you. 

Chad recalls how people tend to pitch in to help others out, especially when they’re docking boats or getting things ready.  It’s about “family.”

If They Won the Lottery, What Boat Would They Buy?

Couples usually have 2 different answers.  Mandy says it would be houseboat and a Sunsation or Nor-Tech center-console to go with it.  Travis says he’d buy a 50’ Sea Ray with a closed cockpit.  Chad and Molley recommend visiting the Miami Boat Show, if you’d like to dream. 

Chad describes the trend of converting tugboats to upscale, live-abort boats. 

What’s the Best Thing about the Dock Life?

For Travis, it’s all about the people, combined with the chance to get away from reality and the stress.  The dock is its own community.  Mandy agrees, but also talks about the memories.  The lake is just a terrific place, regardless of the boat you may have. 

Chad explains how he and Molley love just being out on the water.  There’s plenty of sights to see, like waterfalls. 

Winter Planning for Summer Activities

Molley talks about how people like to start planning for the summer, as a way to help get through the winter months.  They try to take a January trip somewhere warm just to get the feeling back. 

The group discusses how the have to transition between their winter and summer friends.  Catching back up with their summer friends is always fun.  Everyone is looking forward to returning to a normal summer, after the pandemic last year. 

Final Thoughts about the Dock Life Experience

Travis explains how he helps to transport the bags and luggage to the boat.  Having a good routine makes things much easier.  He comments that being together on the lake has actually brought them closer, as a couple.

Mandy comments about the advice she received from someone named Poppy.  “You can always make more money, but you can’t make more memories.”  The couple recently sold their houseboat, so Mandy really considers these words to live by. 

We’d like to thank Mandy and Travis joining us for this episode.  It was a great episode. Maybe they’ll plan a dock-side episode, in the future. 

That’s a wrap for this episode.  We hope you found it helpful, insightful and maybe a little entertaining. 

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